Ukrainian Beer

Ukrainian Beer

Many people prefer such a light drink as a beer. But beer is not the same as beer, this also applies to Ukrainian brands. It is necessary to be very careful to choose a really worthy drink. This rating will help to determine which beer is the best in Ukraine and is the most delicious and the most worthy. The task to choose the best drink is quite difficult, especially since for some customers the determining factor is the price, but not the taste. The rating will help you to understand which beer you prefer.

It is worth considering the brands of Ukrainian beer (light and dark, bottled and canned) that are the most popular.

Lvivske 1715


Robert Doms Belgium

Obolon Lager


Rohan Traditsiyne

Waissburg Lager

FPB Zakarpatske

Opillya Korifey

List of Ukrainian Beer Companies

  • ​​Carlsberg Ukraine (Carlsberg, Lvivske, Tuborg, Arsenal, Holsten and Slavutich);
  • Obolon (Obolon, Carling, Zibert, Hike, Okhtyrske, Zlata Praha);
  • FPB and Oasis CIS (“Bochkove”, “Zakarpatske”, “Zhiguly Barne”, “Galician Crown”);
  • Efes and SABMiller (“Velkopopovický Kozel”, “Sarmat”);
  • AB InBev (“Chernihivske”, “Bud”, “Stella Artois”, “Staropramen”, “Rogan” and “Beck’s”);
  • Umanpivo (“Umanske”, “Medove”, “Waissburg”);
  • PoltavPivo (“Dikanski Vechory”, “Bochka Fresh”, “Bochka Razlivnoho”);
  • Mykulynetskyi Brovar (“Mykulyn”, “Kaltenberg”, “Koruna Ceska”);
  • Kalush Brovar (“Exportove”, “Kalusher”, “Karpatsky Brovar”, “Try Olenya”);
  • Opillya (“Korifey”, “Knyazhe”, “Pshenychne”).

Popular breweries and brands of craft beer in Ukraine:

  • Varvar (Two Sides, Back to Black, Golden Ale, Milk Stout, Ipanema, Hoppy Lager, Blanche de Blanche, Captain Salt, Doppelsticke, Equinox IPA);
  • Tsypa (Tsypa 380, Tsypa 220, Tsypa in Raspberry, Tsypa Gutsul IPA, Tsypa Double Smoked, Tsypa At Night, Tsypa White, Tsypa Lonely, Svydovets);
  • K&F Brewery (DUX Imperial Stout, Drinking Like A Fish Baltic Porter, Pine Pincer Gose, Blueberry Black IPA (CAN), Drunken Monkey IPA, St.Spiritus Quadrupel);
  • Kumpel (India Pale Ale light, India Pale Ale dark, Rye Stout, Mosaic, Hoppy Lager, Weizenbock, Schwarzbier);
  • Pravda Beer Theatre (Born To Be Wild, American Wheat, Zenyk z Lviv, 1716, Lviv IPA, Chervoni Eyes, Obama Hope);
  • Ten Men Brewery (Drive&Dive IPA, Boom 100!, Moloko Stout, Ten Men IPA, BERRY SMOOTHIE: MBR, NOT FOR BREAKFAST: BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE).

Ukrainian beer styles

Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – a light refreshing beer brewed by cold filtration technology, gives the beer a soft taste, without the traditional beer bitterness and a fruity aftertaste.
Chernigivske Bila Nich is a dark lager produced by Anheuser-Busch InBev. The drink has a rich aroma and taste of caramel malt. Easily and pleasantly quenches your thirst. Has a reasonable price among dark beers of Ukrainian beer.
Arsenal Strong – strong light lager Carlsberg Ukraine. Beer of amber color with dense malt flavor, pleasant aroma, and sweet aftertaste.
Staropramen Wheat is a light unfiltered wheat beer, which is produced under license at the facilities of SUN InBev Ukraine. The drink is orange and straw-colored with a stable foam and has a wheat grain flavor with a sour taste and a bitter aftertaste.
Mikulin “Non-Alcoholic” is a high-quality premium beer by TM Mikulin, made from selected barley malt, aromatic hops, and spring water. Special filtration removes alcohol already from the ready beer that passed all stages of the brewing process. That’s why the taste of non-alcoholic is as full and rich as in a traditional beer.
BUD is a classic pale lager produced by SUN InBev Ukraine. It is made without preservatives from light barley malt. Perfectly refreshing and quenches the thirst. The drink has a light malt flavor and hints of hop bitterness.
Stella Artois is a Belgian beer No. 1 in the world with a fresh exquisite taste and malted notes. In the Ukrainian market, the drink is presented by SUN InBev Ukraine.
Bichkove Unfiltered is a light unfiltered beer of perfect quality, based on the traditions of its brewery and even more ancient secrets of the brewers. Light hoppy drink with a clean malt aroma and unique flavor.

It is worth mentioning that only those brands, which are distributed not only on the territory of the country but also abroad, were evaluated. After reading this list, you will be able to determine the best beer in Ukraine, which will be your salvation on a hot day. Let many people do not consider beer healthy, but in fact, it is perfectly relaxing and has an appropriate effect on the nervous system. Remember that you should not abuse the drink.

Where to buy Ukrainian beer in the USA?

If you’re looking for Ukrainian beer in the United States, there are a few different options available. Many stores carry imported beers from Ukraine, including larger Online Liquor Stores such as Drizly and Wine-Searcher. You can also purchase online through various online retailers or specialty beer suppliers. Additionally, many craft breweries throughout the US have begun to produce their own versions of traditional Ukrainian beer styles. Finally, if you live near a large city with a sizeable immigrant population, it may be possible to find some authentic Ukrainian beers at ethnic grocery stores or other local businesses catering to that community.  Regardless of where you decide to buy your Ukrainian beer, be sure to read reviews and do your research before making any purchases to ensure authenticity and quality.

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