I Drank Alcohol After Tooth Extraction

I Drank Alcohol After Tooth Extraction

For many people, the question of whether you can drink alcohol before and after a tooth extraction is extremely relevant. To begin with, you need to understand that this is a surgical operation, after which a deep wound is formed. The patient as well as the treating doctor are interested in the quickest healing without complications. In order to do so, it is necessary to follow the recommendations strictly and follow certain rules. Below we will tell you in detail about the consequences of taking alcohol before and after tooth extraction.

Alcohol before Tooth Extraction: possible consequences

if i drink 1 or 2 shots of vodka before a dental procedure and get an anastheic shot in my gum what is the effect? is it dangerous? does it cause cardiac arrest? or is there no problem? thank you


The strict prohibition of alcohol consumption before a tooth extraction is due to many factors that can have an extremely negative impact on both the patient’s health and the course of the surgery. You can read about a number of problems below.

  • Weak or no effect of anesthesia;
  • The recovery process after surgery takes much longer;
  • Increased risk of inflammatory processes;
  • Intoxication and rejection of the body’s reaction to treatment drugs.


If the patient came to the appointment in a state of alcoholic intoxication, the doctor has the right to refuse admission. This is due to the fact that an intoxicated person can negatively affect the course of the surgery.

Why can’t you have alcohol after tooth extraction?

I had a tooth extracted on Thursday morning and remember the dentist saying to avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks but not for how long. I have been invited out this evening but no sure if I can indulge. Does anyone have any experience?


Now let’s understand the threat of taking alcohol after surgery. Headache, stress, and general body discomfort after a tooth extraction (especially a complex one) are normal. But some patients decide to relax with alcohol, which they believe will improve their overall condition. But such a decision can lead to extremely negative consequences:

  • Inflammation of the soft tissues around the hole;
  • Increased blood pressure due to dilation of blood vessels;
  • When the wound heals, a blood clot is formed that blocks the entry of infection, and the protective layer dissolves due to alcohol;
  • Poor blood clotting and as a consequence increased bleeding of the hole;
  • The negative effect of the body on medications.


The use of alcohol in conjunction with dental treatment can lead to irreparable consequences, including death.

What period of time do you need to endure in order to drink alcohol after a tooth extraction?

Had tooth pulled earlier today. Got some beers in fridge beforehand for this evening to numb the pain but have been told it’s not a good idea. Any experiences with drinking beer after a tooth extraction?


To ensure a speedy recovery, the dentist recommends that you stay away from alcohol for at least one-week post-extraction and drink plenty of fluids. Hydration is key to helping your mouth heal properly.

The ban on alcohol consumption begins immediately after surgery. As mentioned earlier, alcohol-containing drinks will only make the healing and recovery process more difficult. Alcohol has a very strong effect on blood pressure, which in turn can cause bleeding and severe pain.

Also, it is highly desirable not to smoke for a few hours after removal. Because of this addiction, you may also start bleeding. There is a misconception that mild alcoholic beverages can still be consumed after surgery. But this is a big misconception. Beer and wine contain active ingredients that cause severe inflammation, affecting not only the wound but also the gum as a whole. A much more serious surgery may be needed to correct the consequences.

It is now clear that the question of whether you can drink alcohol after tooth extraction should be answered in the negative. Restricting nicotine products and alcoholic beverages is a must after an uncomplicated, but still surgery. It is worth postponing drinking until the wound has healed after the procedure. This period is different for each case.

Tooth extraction and alcohol: other complications

Well as the subject title says I had my wisdom teeth pulled on friday and was wondering when yall think is a good time frame to start drinking alcohol again? I was thinkin like a week.


A visit to the dentist to remove a tooth may be necessary at any time. This time may include different events, parties, and celebrations. Holidays are the reason why the person who underwent surgery is looking for an answer to the question of how long you can’t drink alcohol after tooth extraction. Consumption of hot drinks, from one day to a longer period of time, is not recommended in the following situations:

  • The doctor prescribed medications after the procedure, which should not be drunk in conjunction with hot products;
  • The dentist used anesthesia, application or injection anesthesia during removal;
  • You should not visit the dentist with a hangover. The human body in such a state does not react adequately to medications and anesthesia. The doctor will definitely reschedule the visit after seeing the patient’s well-being;
  • Whitening and stone removal – an excuse for a few days to forget about the hot drinks. Otherwise, it is possible to damage the enamel and bring the doctor’s work to naught. Let the normal sensitivity return, and then you can think about your favorite drinks;
  • Dental implantation is a complicated procedure that requires a long ban on all alcohol. We are talking about a few days before surgery and a few weeks after;
  • Antibiotics, and sometimes the dentist prescribes the patient a long course, are a contraindication to the use of alcohol. This type of medication with alcohol can never be mixed.

After tooth extraction, it is possible to drink alcohol for some time. The minimum interval is one day. The maximum time depends on the individual characteristics of the person who underwent the operation. It is not worth risking your health by getting short-term pleasure from alcohol. A simple advice will help to protect yourself: after or before the procedure, you should ask your doctor about the whole list of prohibitions, including those concerning the timing of alcohol consumption. Health comes first!

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