How long does a Crowler last?

How long does a Crowler last?

Craft beer has exploded in popularity in recent years, and with it, the demand for new and innovative ways to package and transport beer has also grown. One of the more recent innovations in beer packaging is the Crowler – a 32-ounce aluminum can that is filled with beer on-site at a brewery or taproom using a Crowler machine. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about Crowlers, including how long they last, how to store them, and more.

What is a Beer Crowler?

A beer crowler is a type of container used to transport and store draft beer. It is a 32-ounce aluminum can that is filled and sealed on demand at a brewery or taproom using a crowler machine. The crowler is similar to a growler, but it is designed for one-time use, and it is made of aluminum instead of glass or plastic. 

The term “crowler” is a combination of “can” and “growler,” referring to the can-like appearance of the container and the function of a growler, which is to transport beer from a brewery to a consumer’s home.

The use of a crowler offers several advantages over a growler. One of the primary benefits of a crowler is that it is designed to keep the beer fresh for a longer time, as it eliminates the possibility of air and light affecting the quality of the beer. It also eliminates the need for cleaning and sanitizing, which is required for a reusable container like a growler

How long does a Crowler last?

The shelf life of a Crowler depends on several factors such as the beer’s quality, storage conditions, and filling process.

Once a Crowler is opened, it should be consumed within 3-5 days, but it can last a little longer if stored in the fridge. On the other hand, states that with proper storage, Crowlers can keep the beer at its original quality for up to a month.

However, it is recommended to open a Crowler within 7-10 days of being sealed. The beer may still be fresh and carbonated after this time, but the consistency may not be as reliable as canned or bottled beer produced by state-of-the-art canning and bottling lines.

How long do unopened Crowlers last?

An unopened crowler can last up to 6 months due to the seal that ensures freshness and prevents oxygenation.

How do you save a crowler?

  • Store in the fridge: Once a crowler is opened, it is best to finish it within a few days. However, if you store your crowler in the fridge, you can extend its shelf life by a few days.
  • Keep away from light: Like most beers, crowlers are light-sensitive, and exposure to light can cause the beer to spoil faster. It’s best to store crowlers in a cool, dark place to keep them fresh for longer.
  • Do not freeze: Freezing a crowler can cause the beer to expand and potentially damage the container. It’s recommended to store crowlers at a consistent temperature to maintain the quality of the beer. 
  • Avoid shaking: Crowlers can be prone to foaming if shaken or agitated. It’s best to handle them with care and avoid unnecessary shaking or movement. 
  • Consume soon after opening: Once a crowler is opened, the clock starts ticking, and it’s best to finish it within a few days for optimal flavor and carbonation.

Best Beer to Drink Out of a Crowler

Beer BrandName of BeerType of Beer
Sierra NevadaTorpedo Extra IPAIndia Pale Ale
Stone BrewingArrogant Bastard AleAmerican Strong Ale
Lagunitas Brewing CompanyLittle Sumpin’ Sumpin’ AleAmerican Pale Wheat Ale
Deschutes BreweryFresh Squeezed IPAIndia Pale Ale
Founders Brewing Co.All Day IPASession IPA
Dogfish Head60 Minute IPAIndia Pale Ale
New Belgium BrewingFat Tire Amber AleAmerican Amber Ale
Bell’s BreweryTwo Hearted AleAmerican IPA
Avery Brewing Co.White RascalWitbier
Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyDouble JackImperial IPA


In conclusion, the shelf life of a Crowler can vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of beer, how it was filled, and how it is stored. To get the most out of your Crowler, it is best to keep it refrigerated, away from light, and consume it within a few days of opening. With proper care, a Crowler can be an excellent way to enjoy fresh.

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